Today’s Word from Pastor Jim…

We hope that you will join in with the Church Council this Summer as we talk about the future of our beloved Trinity Lutheran Church. In preparation for a new five-year plan, we will be talking together and listening to each other.

Each week there will be a short list of questions for you to consider. You will receive them by email, which you may reply to with your responses. Or CLICK HERE to be taken to an online survey form or reply on the form below.

A steering committee from the Church Council will read every response. We will also have copies of the questions in coffee hour. It is our hope that you will enjoy time around the tables to discuss the questions before placing your responses in a collection box.

The questions for conversation this week:
1. What brought you to TLC?
2. What keeps you at TLC?
3. What do you most appreciate about TLC?

In the weeks that follow we will be considering many topics including: the Culture of our Church, Social/Fellowship events, Worship and Music, Educational programs, Service/Outreach opportunities, and Staffing.
Those who prepare for the future are more likely to thrive. We believe that God wants TLC to thrive—we are after all Blessed to Be a Blessing!

I look forward to seeing you this Sunday.
Pastor Jim