Trinity Lutheran Church Sunday Forum


Sunday Mornings

9:30 – 10:30

Fireside Room

Built upon the cornerstones of openness and respect, Trinity Sunday Forum provides dynamic opportunities to explore the depth and breadth of God’s love for all. Prayerfully curated & broadly interesting, Trinity offers studies and activities designed to nourish and cultivate your love for God, your neighbor, and yourself.

All Are Welcome

Trinity’s Sunday Forum Team

Paul Ringsrud, Dennis Reiersgard, Barbara Bennett

September 17 – Welcome & Devotions

Come to hear plans and goals for the 2023-24 program year and spend some time getting to know others. Bring your favorite devotional to share with the group.


September 24 – Godspeed

We will watch and discuss, “Godspeed,” a documentary about Pastor Matt Canlis experiencing community and Jesus at the speed of a walk.“This is the story of the places and  people who taught me the pace of being  known. My desire to modernize the church ground to a halt in a Scottish parish.”


October 1 – Reading Romans Backwards

“A Gospel of Peace in the Midst of Empire.” Join us for a summary and discussion of Scot McKnight’s important book. Beginning at the end of the book places readers right in the middle of a community deeply divided between the strong and the weak, each side dug in on their position. It focuses all of the Book of Romans – Paul’s apostleship, God’s faithfulness, and Christ’s transformation of humanity – on achieving grace and peace among all people, both strong and weak.


October 8 – Christian Education at Trinity

Deacon Amy will present Trinity’s Ministry of education including opportunities for children, youth, and adults. She will cover everything from preschool through Confirmation, youth groups, summer trips, and Bible studies. We’ll also learn about the role of Deacons in the ELCA.


October 15 – THINC Tiny Houses

Coyla Shepard will be with us to speak about Tiny Houses in the Name of Christ (THINC).  She’ll share about the project from vision to move-in, and will also talk about theimportance of building community.


October 22 – YoungLife

Alex Eby will come share about how youth on Whidbey are experiencing Jesus through this incarnational ministry.


October 29 – Reformation Sunday

Pastor Tom Kidd will join us to discuss Martin Luther and the Reformation. We’ll learn about church history and Lutheran Theology.