Music Programs

Trinity’s music program seeks to serve the people of Trinity Lutheran Church and the wider community by providing high quality musical experiences to enhance our corporate worship and support people on their journeys of faith.
Music is an important part of our worship life at Trinity Church. Our music ranges from traditional chorale hymns to the sounds of global songs; from handbells to soft rock and jazz. Musicians are also available to assist with music for weddings, funerals, and other special occasions.
There are plenty of opportunities to use your musical talents. Even if you don’t know much about music except that you love it, we welcome your participation and ideas, and will provide support to enable you to praise God through voice or instrument. We seek a diversity of musical expressions encompassing a wide variety of historical and cultural styles. 
Please contact me at 331-5191 to discuss your areas of interest.

— Karl Olsen, Minister of Music

Sanctuary Choir 

This is our “traditional” church choir. We have our traditional aspects such as singing great choral works of Mozart, J.S. Bach, and Vivaldi. We also reach beyond as we sing good contemporary literature, personal compositions, and various other styles of music. Some choir members are beginners while others have a life-long musical vocation or avocation.

We rehearse Wednesday evenings 6:30 to 8 p.m. and sing about three Sundays a month. Music reading ability is helpful, but not required. Through focusing on solid repertoire and good choral techniques, our goal is to provide support for the worshipping congregation and a musical outlet for people as we sing praise, remembering the story of God’s grace and action in our lives. Come and join us.

Breaded Fish 

Breaded Fish (think “I will make you fish for people” and being surrounded by the love of Jesus, the bread of life) is our church band. Keyboard, bass, guitar, drums and some four-part harmony lead the late service with music from the 1950s to the present. Rock and roll, folk and jazz, contemporary music, originals and global songs are all part of the fuel that powers the band as we help lead worship. Songs of faith and hope, justice and liberation, inclusion and mercy are part of our playlist, and we’re always willing to try something new.

Soloists and Instrumentals

There are a number of soloists (both instrumental and vocal) in our congregation. These youth and adults support both liturgical music and the various ensembles, and provide solo and small group music for services and other occasions throughout the year. All are encouraged to bring forth their gifts as they are led, and we’ll find a way for those gifts to be put to use within the Trinity community and beyond.


Trinity’s Bell Choir 

Sheila Weidendorf, Trinity’s Organist and Keyboardist, is also the Bell Choir Director. 

Some musical selections for your spiritual reflection,refreshment, and enjoyment…