Remember the Future and leave a legacy that changes lives… a legacy that sustains and enhances the Christian outreach efforts of Trinity Lutheran Church for the benefit of our local, national and worldwide communities.

Leave a legacy that will help to alleviate hunger, homelessness and substance abuse for years to come. Leave a legacy that will help educate our young and lead them to a life of service to their communities.

Leave a legacy that will inspire others to also want to express how much the church has meant to them through the years. Consider a bequest or gift to the Trinity Lutheran Church Endowment Fund.

The Trinity Lutheran Church Endowment Fund is a perpetual fund from which earnings are distributed annually. With the establishment of the Scholarship Fund in 2014 as part of the Endowment Fund we are now able to provide higher education scholarships for Whidbey Island Students.

In 2018, $114,000 in scholarships were distributed to 25 local students from several funds, such as the Terry Lee Otey Scholarship Fund and the Ruby Scholarship Fund, plus a portion of the general endowment managed by Trinity Lutheran Church.

The fund has grown as a result of bequests of all amounts and by the gifts given each week as we come together to worship. Gifts to the endowment fund are often tax deductible. In many cases, gifts and bequests can favorably reduce taxes on your estate, leaving more money to your heirs, and putting more of it to work in active ministry.

5381829You can contribute to the endowment fund by using the weekly service giving envelopes, the on-line giving option or by:

■ Designating a portion of your estate in a bequest
■ Assigning your life insurance benefits
■ Assigning or transferring property such as cash, stocks, bonds,real estate
■ Setting up a charitable gift annuity or a charitable remainder trust
■ Making memorial gifts given in honor of family or friends

The Trinity Lutheran Church Endowment Fund is managed by the Endowment Committee which consists of seven members nominated by the Church Council and elected by the Congregation. In addition, the Senior Pastor and the President of the Church Council serve as non-voting, ex-officio members. Committee members serve for three years.

The Committee selects and provides oversight for the various funds to ensure that prudent investments are made that preserve and grow the principal of the Endowment Fund.

Many in our community are deeply concerned about the state of the world. For good reason. People around the globe are suffering. Hunger, oppression, addiction, slavery, and poverty continue in our world. It is troubling. Christians in the Middle East are being exterminated. The cradle of Christianity will soon be barren of all who carry the name of Jesus.

Jesus said, “The poor will be with us always.” This is not God’s intention. It is a statement reflecting the reality of life in a fallen world, where food is hoarded and the bounty of God’s creation is not shared.

The people of Trinity Lutheran Church cannot feed the world. We cannot alleviate the suffering of the masses. We cannot change the course of global warming. Having said that, we can change the world. We can change the lives of some. We can make a difference in our families and in our community.

The 2017 Endowment Grants were approved by our Church Council and distributed as follows:

  • $20,000 was made available to be distributed at the discretion of the Church Council. This $20,000 was on top of the nearly $100,000 in scholarships that was provided by the TLC Endowment.
  • The Church Council approved the following grants:
    $5,000 to Compass Health of Whidbey Island. Compass Health works with the most vulnerable of our neighbors here on the Island.
  • $5,000 to ELCA Disaster Relief—helping to rebuild after natural disasters.
  • $5,000 to ELCA Refugee Resettlement. We are in the midst of the worst refugee crisis since World War II.
  • $5,000 to support an ELCA program for young adults called “Young Adults in Global Mission.” We will sponsor a young person as they spend a year in ministry and service in a global setting.
  • In addition, the Church Council has authorized an additional $1,000 to Ryan’s House and $1,000 each to local food banks in Oak Harbor, Coupeville, and Bayview.

We cannot save the world. We cannot alleviate all suffering and poverty. But we can make a difference. We can be a beacon of hope. We can provide a safe place for the immigrant, the marginalized, the alien, the fearful, and the forgotten. Let us never waver in our


The ELCA website offers helpful information, videos, and checklists on planning your estate. There is a step-by-step will planner that can help you get started.


What’s going on in Washington DC? Several articles including Increases in US Tax Receipts and Opportunity in America are highlighted on the ELCA website.

Advice from an attorney, and other professional advisors should be sought. To learn about ways to make legacy gifts through your will, contact Trinity’s Endowment Committee, or Beth Adams (855-953-4401), Regional Gift Planner for the ELCA Foundation.

To read our online 2018 Endowment newsletter covering the accomplishments of 2017, click on the Fullscreen symbol in the lower right corner. Note: Disregard the more button as it does not link to TLC Publications.