Today’s Word from New Member Sally Rongren

More people than ever are watching TLC’s video services, reading our daily messages, and sharing them with friends and family!

And throughout this time of pandemic restrictions, many folks are making the decision to join a church. Belonging to a church has much appeal during the dark days of crisis and is a genuine source of comfort, despite the fact that we cannot join together for in-person worship and fellowship.

New Member Sally Rongren offers these reflections on what she loves about Trinity:

One of my blessings is finding this community of faith on Whidbey Island after moving here for retirement.

I love that TLC truly welcomes all people.

I love that TLC kept key staff on salary right from the beginning of the lockdown.

I love that TLC donates to local nonprofits like Good Cheer.

I love that TLC sends our daily communications, kudos to all who contribute. I appreciate and enjoy all the different “voices,” the different points of view, the observations and nuggets of wisdom, both serious and funny. Thank you for keeping us connected.

I love the professionalism of the online Sunday Worship Service. The music is top notch, the integration of the different elements of the service is impressively seamless, and Pastor Jim, you have preached almost every sermon since the service went online. You have chosen to give us a gift of consistency and stability in an inconsistent, unstable world.

For me, the weekly service is always a welcome debrief – from the pandemic, but probably even more from the toxicity of recent politics. I appreciate the weekly reminders to take a deep breath, put things in perspective, and follow Jesus. Thank you!

Thank you Sally, for sharing your thoughtful reflections and welcome to membership at Trinity!