Honoring Pastor Dennis and Jeri Hanson, and Pastor Eric and Kathleen Ottum

The Summer of 2019 gives us the opportunity to observe two remarkable milestones in the lives of our beloved pastors.

Pastor Dennis Hanson was ordained 55 years ago. Dennis and Jeri have given their lives in service to the Lutheran Church and the gospel work of Jesus Christ. In retirement they moved to Whidbey, switched gears, and continued to serve the people of TLC.

Pastor Eric Ottum was ordained in the Summer of 1969. As Astronauts were setting foot on the moon, Eric and Kathleen were beginning a journey of faith and faithfulness that has far out-lived moon landings. After calls in Washington, Oregon, and Alaska, Pastor Eric and Kathleen came home to Whidbey and TLC. Kathleen’s parents, Walter and Esther Krull, were dear members of our congregation.

This Sunday at TLC, we will be honoring the combined 105 years of faithful service to us and to the larger church. I would encourage you to bring a card to express your thankfulness. We will honor them at the worship services, and with cake during the coffee hour.

It should be noted that Dennis and Eric will not be retiring yet; ordination is for life, and we hope to be blessed by their ministries for many years to come.

See you in Church this Sunday! Wear your T-shirts, or Hawaiian shirts – put something on and join the party at TLC.