Today’s Word from Pastor Jim… 

“A good person leaves an inheritance for their children’s children.” Proverbs 13:22

Ruby Knudson lived a simple life, dedicated to her family, her church, and her community. She was a teacher and the mother of two boys, Lydell and Ronnie. One day Lydell walked into my office and told me that it was his desire to honor his mother. He wanted to do so anonymously; the idea was not to draw attention to himself. Lydell and Jill Knudson worked with me to set up the Ruby Endowment Fund to benefit TLC students going on to higher education.

In the past decade a dozen TLC students have been awarded the Ruby Scholarship. This award provides our students $10,000 a year for four consecutive years. This scholarship allows students to focus on their studies and to graduate from college with little or no debt.

When the sun rose on November 6th, 2023, for the first time in 87 years Lydell was not there to greet it. Lydell died peacefully at home in his sleep. His physical body would no longer cast a shadow, but his vision and generosity will continue to cast a shadow for decades to come. Even though Lydell and Ruby are gone, they will continue to live on as each year four or more students attend institutions of higher learning on Ruby scholarships. Lydell and Jill understood that they had been greatly blessed in life. Thanks to their hard work and the opportunities afforded to them by their families and the citizens of this country, they prospered. They were blessed, but in God’s economy we are never blessed in isolation. We are blessed that we may be a blessing to others.

All told, the Trinity Lutheran Church Endowment gave away $232,000 in 2022. This money supported local charities, national and international causes, and provided needed scholarships to dozens of college students.

Make your final statement in life consistent with the values that guided your days on earth. Remember the Trinity Endowment in your will. The total overhead cost to run the Trinity Endowment is .85%. That means that 99.15% of your money is used to touch the future, not just this year but for decades to come.

I would invite you to be inspired by the vision of Lydell and Jill Knudson. I would invite you to join a visionary movement that will touch the future.

This Sunday the TLC Endowment will be giving away $25,000. The Church Council approved grants of $5000 each to local charities: Good Cheer Foodbank, Gifts from the Heart Foodbank, Whidbey Island Nourishes, Helping Hand, and the Whidbey Homeless Coalition. This is your endowment in action, this is our endowment, this is our opportunity to make a difference today and to touch the future!

Blessed to be a Blessing!

Pastor Jim

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