Today’s Word from Felicia Lindus, TLC Preschool Director

Classes ended at Trinity Preschool on March 13 when we responded to the Governor’s mandate to close schools. Since that time, we have continued to support our students through emails, online resources, Zoom show & tell, private YouTube stories and songs, and weekly activity packets. We have enjoyed seeing our friends thanks to technology and drive-by parades. As the year comes to a close, we celebrate with our friends who are moving on to kindergarten, and we look forward to sharing new school adventures with returning students this fall.

This year marks the 35th year that St. Augustine’s/Trinity Preschool has sent a class out to face the wide world of kindergarten. In many ways this graduation was like all others, with joyful families, excited students, and proud teachers. But this graduation was like none before. Diplomas were presented on yard signs, families gathered in vehicles, and the celebrating included lots of car horn honking.

We are proud of our students and so thankful for the support of our wonderful families. We also appreciate the support of this congregation. Because of your generosity we were able to continue our work and provide many activities to keep our students learning during the school closure.

Thank you!

Felicia Lindus
Trinity Preschool Director