Today’s Word from Pastor Jim…

We arrived at our room, and I took off my watch. I had not taken that watch off for 16 months. I made the decision not to put it back on until it was time to go home. Felicia and I had left the island, all by ourselves. We were scheduled to be in Canada with our children and grandchildren, but Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was not yet rolling out the welcome mat. Leaving everything behind we set off to reconnect, to rest and reflect, and to celebrate 39 years of marriage.

I set my watch on the dresser and did not look back. On occasion I found myself glancing toward my left wrist, but soon I was liberated from such impulses. There were no commitments, only warm days and the gentle breezes of evening. The hours were filled with relaxing bike rides, long walks, naps, and happy hour for two on the deck. Alarms were not set; time was of little consequence, and my watch had lost its purpose.

Vacations are wonderful and after so many pandemic cancellations, this time away was just what the doctor had ordered. Time may have stopped, but the calendar continued to spin. We packed up our bags to return home to Whidbey Island. Our ride to the airport would be arriving soon. My watch had been charging overnight in anticipation of a return to service. Fully charged we were reunited, but the watch refused now to work. Like a scorned lover she turned her head in disgust, unable to find or keep the time anymore.

I left her at the airport, discarded in a recycling bin, destined for reincarnation or a landfill. She had served me well for six years, but it was time for her to retire. I am left with no way to count my steps, except to walk around babbling numbers. How will I know when my heartbeat is elevated, what time is the wedding, and would anyone notice if the 8:00 am service started at 8:07 am?
Time is precious, time is fleeting, ferries and churches run on schedule.

Left with no real alternative, short of retirement, I guess I will get a new watch.

See you in church tomorrow morning! We will be celebrating Pastor Dennis and Jeri and their retirement after 57 years! Maybe we will give Pastor Dennis a gold watch and maybe I can borrow it.

Much love,
Pastor Jim