Today’s Word from Rev. David Bieniek…

One of the Facebook pages I like to follow is one where people post random pictures of views from their window. I have resisted putting any pictures up myself, but I do enjoy seeing what people see from their windows.

Outside of my window there are four bird feeders including a hummingbird feeder, a lush green lawn, and beyond it a wild stand of hemlocks, blackberry, and holly. At any one time you might see any amount of at least ten species of birds out there – finches, sparrows, jays, woodpeckers, and of course hummers – four different types of mammals – two species of squirrels, chipmunks, and rabbits – and various insects buzzing around.

I love watching the life outside of the window and really do not mind having to refill the bird feeder almost daily as it has become a squirrel feeder. Even though it drives our little dog crazy, and he runs out and chases everything away, the residents don’t seem to mind and soon return to continue their feast.

As I was watching the other day, my focus shifted just a bit. Instead of focusing out into the yard, I noticed that a spider had spun a web just outside of my window. I watched in amazement (and a little horror) as she had just captured a fly and was quickly bundling it up for a meal later – the original take-out. I am not sure how long that spider web had been there. I had never noticed her before. I always looked out beyond.

Today as I was talking to people on a Zoom meeting about racism in our country, my focus shifted again. My window faces due south. Most of the United States is beyond this very window. Just like the spider was too close to see, so the people of this nation are too far away to see, but they are there. This is the time when we truly need to see each other.

The views outside of my windows have taught me many things over the years. Some of these things I was immediately grateful for, some of these things scared me and reminded me to face those fears, but always the views outside of my window remind me to be aware, to see people, and to always be thankful.

So, what do you see outside of your window?

“Blessed are you eyes because they see and blessed are your ears because they hear.” Matthew 13:16

Rev. Dave Bieniek