Today’s Word from Minister of Music Karl Olsen…

“On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…”

No! That’s not our song for today, but, Yes! It is the twelfth day of Christmas! So, there’s time for one more little Christmas-themed message.

Christmas 2020, along with the rest of the year, was (can you say it with me one more time) unprecedented! At least in living memory. How many Christmas traditions—from shopping to caroling, to decorating to feasting, to traveling to worshipping—did we have to re-imagine? And there are gifts all around us, if we take the time and open our eyes and ears to behold! My wife, Deb, writes poetry among other creative arts, and posted this in the midst…

We had gifts of music from several corners of our church and our community this past season; individuals and small groups coming together (sometimes virtually), and musicians reaching to the files of past celebrations, all to brighten the season and open our eyes and ears to the sounds of God’s love poured out for us all.

At Trinity, I requested some help from some of our youth to make some Christmas carol recordings with our band members. Due to pandemic problems, a short time frame, unplanned schedule changes, illness, and technology and other reasons, we ended up with a unique ensemble. An ensemble of one! After losing a few files in the ether, the Wilson family was kind enough to help out by re-sending what I knew we already had. Zoe had gone above and beyond last mid-December to record several parts for me, just in case… (you fill in the blank) happened! And it came in very handy.

So, we have two carols… Away In a Manger, a north American carol from the 19th century that describes the scene after everyone made their way to the manger that amazing night: “…the little Lord Jesus asleep on the hay” and Go Tell It On the Mountain, that African American traditional song that talks about shepherds and angels: “The shepherds feared and trembled, when lo, throughout the earth, rang out the angel chorus that hailed our Savior’s birth…”

Thanks to Zoe, who played five parts on the first song and three on the second while I played piano (remotely)! Zoe, you made a fine ensemble! Keep on playing! We’ll get you a few partners next time around! (Apologies if I left any players out that got lost in the computer!) Click HERE to enjoy these two last carols of the season!

Hey, we journeyed through Advent together, and celebrated the Arrival at Christmas! Now, tomorrow is Epiphany—Revelation!!! So, get ready for the light—I Am!