Today’s Word from Pastor Jim…  

The Church coffee maker quit functioning two weeks ago. Perhaps it did not feel safe working at church during Covid-19. Its health was compromised, its warranty had expired, its days were numbered. The real problem, I suspect, was that it was under-used. Thanks to social distancing and the early shut-down of our campus, we simply did not need much coffee. Consequently, we did not use the coffee maker for two months and now when we needed it, she just quit working altogether. Not to worry, I have a staff Keurig in my office. The Keurig has been busy, it is used every day and often. Then last Wednesday as I was getting my sermon ready to be filmed, the Keurig gave up the ghost. The light was on but no one was home. The water was not moving through the system, and that was all she wrote. That pretty much sums up 2020, does it not? 1919 was marked by a second deadly wave of the Spanish Flu and anarchist bombings. I am relieved that my shelf life will run out before 2121.

I started thinking of the tale of two coffee makers. Perhaps, there is a lesson to be learned here. One coffee maker was doomed by idleness. It lost its purpose, its reason for getting up in the morning. It rusted out as no water was moving through its pipes. The second coffee maker, the Keurig, simply wore out. It was tired and worn, it was used and used up. Both were rendered useless, one by activity and one by lack of activity. How about you? Would you rather wear out or rust out?

My prayer is when the pandemic isolation ends that the people of TLC will remember how to worship and serve together again. I know that you all have enjoyed sitting on the couch with your coffee in your hand and your dog in your lap as you have listened to Karl singing. I know that you like lounging in comfort, still in your pajamas, as I preach. We are creatures of habit; new habits, once established, are hard to break. God has called us to worship and serve in community. My prayer is that we will be ready to do that once we feel that it is safe to gather again.

I replaced the Keurig that wore out. What about the coffee maker that rusted out? Well, after a quick autopsy, Rocky is trying to work a miracle and raise her from the dead. Stay tuned.

We miss seeing you, and we look forward to a grand reunion when it seems safe and prudent to return to in-person worship. Until then, enjoy your coffee, keep daily routines, and don’t be idle too long or your pipes might quit working.

We are one day closer!
My love to you.

Pastor Jim

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