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I am fond of Wendell Berry, and how he finds truth, beauty, and spiritual renewal in nature. I listened to him read his own poem, “The Peace of Wild Things,” today and realized that’s it. That is where I find my connection to the Sacred.

I have written many times about seeking and finding God in nature. Things that are active like eagles, whales, baby crabs, sunsets, and tides always call me deeper, and it is in these things that I find my connection to all that is sacred. But Berry talks of another time.

Berry speaks of finding the Sacred in the calm of nature. He finds solace and wisdom in lying down where the wood drake rests and the grace of still waters and stars overhead. He allows nature to teach him in this time to be still and feast on Wisdom free of fear and grief.

I, too, find this grace and wisdom in this amazing place we call home. Most often I notice the stillness in the morning when the water is like glass and the squirrels lazily forage for food and even the eagle seems to be lazily flying past my line of sight seeking a place to root.

It is the in-between time when life gets busy with things to do, meals to prepare, work to get done, that we may need the stillness of the morning and night to remind us that even as this world seems in tumult, we don’t have to be.

So, I invite you to use the morning or the night to recharge those spiritual batteries so that grace and wisdom can walk with you throughout the day. Allow the peace of wild things to enter your soul and give you that peace throughout the day.

If you wish to hear the poem or read it for yourself, here are a couple of links for you. I hope you, too, can find “The Peace of Wild Things.”
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