Today’s Word from Deacon Amy…

Have you ever been the new kid? It can be pretty overwhelming. My daughter, Ava, finally got to bring her new kid home this week. You might remember me writing about this little goat a few weeks ago when Ava was trying to choose a name for him. After reviewing several name suggestions from her friends and from all of you, she decided to call him Tucker. We think it suits him well.

Tucker is the newest new kid on our farm. Over the years we’ve brought several new critters home to our little farm, and I can tell you that the excitement never gets old. I can also tell you that each introduction is unique. While the animals tend to share some common responses to their new homes, each one reacts to the new situation in their own way.

Some seem to settle right in with no adjustment period at all. Some take their time exploring their new surroundings and meeting each new pasture-mate. Some, like little Tucker, are more cautious. He is timid around the bigger goats, and keeps his distance. We’ve had other animals react the same way, and they always end up finding their place in the herd. Sometimes it just takes a little while.

So, we’ve been doing our best to help with the adjustment. We kept him in an enclosed pen within the field for the first 24 hours, but we didn’t leave him there alone. First, we watched the other goats interact with him, and chose a gentle goat to be his roommate for the night. When we came out the next morning, the two of them were snuggled up together. After this first adjustment period, we let him out in the field with the rest of the herd. He still kept his distance during the day, but he was moving around eating, drinking, and behaving like a goat. At night, we still put him in the enclosed pen just to make sure he’s safe. Tonight, he’s with a new roommate. We’re hoping that she will help him to adjust even more.

We know it won’t be very long before he fits right in with the rest of the herd. He just needs a little extra support to help him get there, and we’re happy to offer that for him.

Sometimes we all need a little extra support. We all need to know that there is someone watching over us, and caring for us. Jesus reminded us that we are never alone. “And remember, I am with you always, to the end of the age.” Matthew 28:20.

When we’re feeling like the new kid, when we’re facing challenges and new situations, we need to remember that there is always someone looking out for us. Just like little Tucker, we’ll find our place in the herd. The Spirit will be with us as we make our way and adjust to whatever might come our way.

Deacon Amy

P.S. Tucker’s ears are green in the picture because he just got his identification tattoos. The ink will wear off soon.