This past Sunday, June 12, we held our mid-year congregational meeting where we received written reports from staff members along with an overview of our current financial position. Printed reports are available in the church office.

At this meeting, the Council offered the following resolution of Thanksgiving for Council Members who had completed their terms of service:
Gus Erikson, Council President 2019-2021 & Treasurer
Julie Humling, Secretary
George Fisher, Council Member
Vicki Theel, Council Member
Julia Maher, Youth Representative Council Member
Having faithfully completed their terms of service to the people of God at Trinity Lutheran Church, the Church Council moves this Resolution of Thanksgiving to Gus Erikson, Julie Humling, George Fisher, Vicki Theel and Julia Maher.

The motion passed unanimously, with much applause and gratitude for the thoughtful and dedicated service of these dear members.

Soon after, the congregation voted to elect the following members to the council:
Lynn Anderson
Cam Castle
Jennifer Gandarias
Judy Smith
Alyssa Staats

Each of these people were elected to three-year terms, with the exception of Alyssa Staats, who is filling the Youth Representative position, which is a one-year term.

These new members join continuing council members:
Jan Wright – President
Arne Bergstrom – Vice President
Alice Rockhill – Secretary
Mike Johnson – Treasurer
Randy Enberg – Member
Jane Lusk – Member
Diane Reiersgard – Member
Gary Schallock – Member

Blessed to be a blessing, we thank God for the faithful leadership of the people of Trinity Lutheran Church.

Tiny Houses in the Name of Christ (THINC)

The congregation also unanimously voted in favor of a Resolution of Financial Support for the THINC Tiny House Project in Langley.

You can help to support this Tiny House project by contributing through our GoFundMe drive.

THINC has also invited the community to a fundraising Garage Sale this Saturday, June 18, from 9:00 – 4:00 at 2650 Sunlight Beach Road, Clinton.