Today’s Word from Deacon Amy…

I’ve mentioned before that both of my daughters raise and show goats in 4H. My youngest, Lia, spends the whole year training her pack goat, Norman, by taking him on almost daily walks. Together, they stroll up and down the roads around our home.

We’ve actually done this for years, walking various goats on trails, sidewalks, and roads. It’s great for the goats, it’s good exercise for us, and it makes a lot of people smile. We’ve had cars drive by, stop, and back up to take a second look. We’ve had several people ask (jokingly, I hope) what type of dogs they were. We even had one person ask if our goat was a deer or a llama. It seems that most people’s minds are just not ready to grasp the concept of walking goats on leashes.

The one thing that is true in every scenario, though, is that people leave with a smile. Perhaps it is the novelty of seeing farm animals off of the farm, or perhaps it’s a reaction to seeing something new or different. Whatever it is, we’re happy to be able to spread some smiles around as we travel.

What a gift, to be able to bring a smile to someone’s face. Truly, it makes us feel good to be able to bring joy to a neighbor, or a stranger. In a simple way, we’ve brightened their day. We’ve shared something unique with them, and they walk away smiling.

How are you spreading smiles? It often doesn’t take much; just a friendly wave to a neighbor driving by, or holding a door open as someone exits the post office with arms full of packages. A phone call, a note or card, a quick visit can brighten someone’s day.

At this time of year when we all seem to be a little too busy, and a little over-stressed, I encourage you to take any opportunity you can find to share a smile. There’s really no down side. Spread some joy this season!

Deacon Amy