Today’s Word from Pastor Jim and Luc Gandarias…

Luc Gandarias and his brother Gabe have grown up at TLC. Luc is a 2021 South Whidbey High School graduate and class valedictorian. Luc was awarded the TLC Ruby Scholarship. His name will be added to the long list of outstanding students who have received the four-year Ruby Scholarship. Luc will be attending the Leland Stanford Junior University in Palo Alto this fall. We are proud of you, Luc!

Dear Trinity Lutheran family,

Where do I even begin. There has not been a moment in my life that Trinity was not a part of. I was baptized as a child here, and was a Menace to the Trinity Pre K program in my younger years. When I went blind though, Trinity and all of its loving patrons rushed to help both me and my family in any way you could, the type of help that only Trinity Lutheran patrons can give. For the rest of my elementary school years, I attended Sunday school, introducing me to the most interesting, and sometimes comical, Bible stories, and singing songs of Praise with pastor Jerry. Confirmation however, is when my faith truly began to deepen. I loved exploring the history of our faith, and many of the finer points that were not considered in Sunday school. Perhaps some of my most prized memories from middle school are watching those silly Bible videos, or simply reading and discussing the Bible together in class, or traveling to various other places of worship. These experiences gave me a better appreciation for my own faith, as well as its connections and overlaps with others. I guess what I’m trying to get across is that Trinity has always been the hands and feet of God in my life working with and for me in ways that were not always visible to me at the time. This recent scholarship is simply a continuation of your generosity, and one that I could not possibly be more grateful for. Though I will be looking for a new physical church/worship group while I am attending Stanford, there is no home in Christ like Trinity, and I will be continuing to watch Paster Jim’s sermons online.

You, this church family, have been tremendously good to both me and my family, and when I inevitably return to settle down here, I hope to give back in the way you have given so generously to me.

Lucien Gandarias