Weekly Word

I hope that you will join us for worship this Sunday, October 20th. I promise you that it will be a unique worship experience. Unique in the 66-year history of TLC.

Inspired by the Ken Burns PBS Documentary titled, “Country Music,” we will be using country songs and country sounds at all three worship services. We will be led by many fine musicians, as they break out their guitars, fiddles, and banjos. They will be picking and singing all morning long, to the glory of God.

When I was a kid, we had a rather cantankerous old widower who lived in our neighborhood. One summer he got sick and my mother asked me to mow his lawn. I protested, “Mom, he is not nice, he yells at us when we cut through his yard. I don’t want to mow his yard. I don’t like him.”

My mother responded by saying, “Do you like me?”

I said, “Yes.”

“So, go mow the lawn, you are not doing it for him, you are doing it for me.”

Some of you probably don’t like country music. You may think that you should just stay home this Sunday. But to quote a country song, “When I am alone, I am in bad company.” So, don’t be alone, come to TLC and join the party.

Some of you probably don’t like country music. Do you love God? Don’t stay away because you don’t like country music. Show up and we will worship God together.

I hope to see you in Church this Sunday. Saddle up your horse and come to TLC. Bring a good attitude, cowboy hats and boots are optional.

If you play this message backward, you will get your house, your wife, your dog, and your pick-up truck back.

Keep smiling!



Pastor Jim