Today’s Word from Pastor Jim…

What do you know when you make promises for life at the age of 22? What does better, worse, richer, poorer, in sickness and in health mean when you are 20 years old? This promise to love someone and live with someone for 60 or more years is a little irrational. This marathon of sharing the seasons of life is the most challenging of all human endeavors. It is no wonder, that often, the marriages do not last. There is no guarantee, even if there is great love and admiration, that two people can weather the storms of decades of living together.

Everything changes in those 60 years. Hairlines and waistlines, careers come and go, homes are bought and sold, children are born and move away, grandchildren bring the gift of youth to you again just as your bodies are feeling the strain of advancing years. Better, worse, richer, poorer, in sickness and in health, bad moods and good moods, after 50 years couples have pretty much seen it all.

This month we are joining many in our parish who are celebrating milestone anniversaries. They stand among us as role models, their love and persistence have given them reason to celebrate.

On June 29, 1968 Toni and Steve Schinnerer were married at Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Cerritos, California.

On June 30th 1961 Jane and Ed Merlino were married at Assumption Catholic Church in Seattle, Washington.

On June 18, 1966 Lynne and Herb Hossfeld were married at Luther Memorial in Portland, Oregon.

Lovely wedding photos! Thanks for sharing and thanks for being a part of the TLC Family. Let’s celebrate again next year.

Pastor Jim