We have been engaging in serious theological conversation the past two weeks. You are all theologians and I am proud of you. What is a “theologian?” A theologian is one who studies the movement and mysteries of God. It is important to note that theology is not exactly a science. The more you learn, the more questions you have. The mystery and majesty of God will never be fully comprehended by mere mortals.

What is the place of Prayer and Miracles as we consider our life and faith?

If God offers us no insurance, and very little if any protection from the perils of this life, then does prayer make a difference and do miracles still happen?

The answer is YES and YES!

Prayer has the power to change lives, to change families, to change the course of history. When we pray, we open the lines of communication to God. In doing so, we open our hearts and minds to God. The Holy Spirit has entrée into our lives. The Holy Spirit can change our lives.

Prayer puts us in the path of the Gospel. As I said Sunday, I don’t believe that prayer changes God, and it certainly does not provide God with any new information. Having said that, prayer can and does change us, and in that change God can work to change the world. God answers prayer and 99% of the time those prayers are answered by the loving care of the people that God puts in our lives.

Miracles– miracles still happen. I believe in miracles. I have witnessed miracles and have heard your testimony to the miraculous way that God has moved in your lives.

Miracles still happen, but 99% of the time God works through people to accomplish miracles. The Red Sea does not part very often, water is rarely turned into wine, and I have not seen anyone walk on the Sea of Galilee. But everyday people are healed of their diseases, relationships that were thought to be dead are mended, and simple acts of grace bring about miraculous results.

Prayer is critical—keep praying. Open your heart to God. Miracles still happen. But God needs a prayer partner and God needs a miracle partner. And that partner is YOU! Prayer without our participation is like sitting on Santa’s lap at Christmas. The expectation of a miracle does not preclude our participation in that miracle.

Celebrate miracles, but do not bet your future on them. Say your prayers and then get out there and work for good.

You are all theologians! What did one theologian say to another theologian? “God knows.”

See you in Church!

Pastor Jim