Moon People
Weekly Word

50 Years today, the world watched as Neil Armstrong set foot on the Moon. Happy Anniversary!

Scientists tell us that there is no man on the moon. In fact, there is no life whatsoever. However, without the moon there would be no human life on earth. Without the moon the world would be almost entirely covered with water. The earth would be spinning three times as fast. Each day would only be 8 hours long and winds would howl at more than 100 miles per hour all the time.

Some billions of years ago the earth was spinning out of control and there was no intelligent life to be found. Then, a planet the size of Mars slammed into earth. The result was chaos, the melding of two worlds, the formation of an atmosphere, and the birth of the moon. Ever since, the moon has acted as our friend. It slowed down our spin, it controls our tides, it is the rhythm keeper of our world. So even though it has no life of its own, the moon makes it possible for life to exist on earth.

Jesus said to his followers, “you are the light of the world.” That got me thinking more about the moon. That is when it occurred to me that we may be “MOON PEOPLE.” On clear nights, you look up to the sky and see the moon. It brightens the night sky. Why, I even tried playing golf once in the light of a full moon.

But the moon is dark, cold, and lifeless. The moon has no light of its own. The moon simply receives the light of the sun, and reflects it back to its neighbors on earth. It is just as well, as the moon could not hoard, store up, or save the light anyway.

As Christian people, we are no better or worse than our neighbors. We are not more lovable and we are not loved more by God. But we have been exposed to a great light. We have bathed in the light of the word made flesh. We have had words of Grace wash over us. Our calling is to be “Moon People.” To reflect the light and grace of God – to our neighbors. We cannot hoard it. We cannot save it. We get no credit for it being there. We simply reflect it back.

It has been fun to reflect upon the reflection that greets me in the evening sky. So, next time you look up there and see the lifeless orb which makes our life possible, next time you look up at the brilliance of the moon in the evening sky, remember that it has no light of its own – it is just reflecting.

Be “Moon People,” my friends. Reflect the light of Jesus for all to see.


Pastor Jim