Lessons From Preschool

For the past 22 years I have lived with a Preschool Teacher. (I am her long-term, perhaps never-ending, project.) Kindergarten teachers are very happy when they get Trinity Preschool graduates. They know that our 5-year-old graduates will be prepared for kindergarten.

In 2020 it would serve us well to live more intentionally with the lessons that help form our preschoolers. Will you join me in striving to apply these life lessons to our everyday life?

1. Wash your hands. Enough said. Cleanliness is next to Godliness.
2. Wait your turn. This simple lesson implies manners and patience. Manners and patience never go out of style. We could use more of both in our society.
3. Be kind to others. Be courteous, look for ways to assist friends and strangers. No put-downs. Explain your neighbor’s actions in the kindest possible way. If you cannot find something good to say about someone, then just remain silent.
4. Be a helper. Help clean-up. Leave things better than you found them. This would apply to your home, your workplace, your church, society, and the environment.
5. Listen to directions. Read the Bible, follow Jesus, seek the wisdom of others. If you think you are smart enough to go it alone, then good luck.
6. Share. If you have had your turn, let someone else play with a toy. If you are bringing birthday treats, then have enough for your classmates. Share, give to others, be generous. There is no joy in hording, there is no point in being the richest person in the cemetery.

Keep it simple in 2020! Preschool Graduation is May 27th – perhaps we could all graduate this year.

I will see you in church this Sunday.

Pastor Jim