Today’s Word from Pastor Jim…

A much-anticipated HOMECOMING happens tomorrow!

I am so excited to welcome you all home for in-person worship this Sunday, April 18th at 8:00 & 10:30.

Our entire Church Staff is so excited to be reopening our doors and seeing your smiles behind your masks.

Our Church Council came to TLC on Thursday to get our sanctuary ready for your arrival.

The exile is coming to an end! Sunday School, too, is returning to our campus!

What will it be like to worship this Sunday?

The sun will be shining as the people of God are arriving.

You will park your car, and as you approach the church you will be welcomed by happy greeters who will remind all worshipers to keep their masks on.

Entering the church, you will see that we have arranged the pews and chairs for pandemic safety. Ushers will be present to assist you. If you want to sit in the cushioned chairs in the front of the church, or in the narthex, you can pick your place as all of those chairs are socially distanced. If you prefer a pew, you will be ushered to a seat beginning in the middle of the sanctuary and working your way back.

Most groupings include two or three seats. You can, of course, sit with anyone that you please.

Masks must be worn as we worship and sing. The music will be outstanding, the sermon questionable, and the temperature in the sanctuary will be cool as open doors and windows keep the air moving.

The service will last about 45 minutes, no communion or offering plates just yet. There will be an offering box by the entrance if you choose to support the church in this way.

After the service, there will be self-serve coffee in the gym and outside in the courtyard. Please be considerate and safe as you enjoy this time of fellowship.

We are holding off on HUGS and HANDSHAKES, so I will greet you on the sidewalk by the parking lot as you depart.

Bring your coffee mug, wear your pajamas if you like, everyone equal, everyone welcome! A joyful HOMECOMING it will be.

If you do not feel comfortable worshiping in-person, don’t worry, you are not alone. We have you covered. The worship service will be broadcast online as it has been for the past 58 weeks. Every person should select the option that is best and safest for them at this time.

It has been a long 13 months and, on behalf of our staff and Church Council, I thank you for your love and support.

One day closer, in fact, only one day to go!

See you in the morning or I will see you online!

Pastor Jim