Today’s Word from Rev. David Bieniek…  

On a recent morning I went down to our beach to do some work, but mostly just to take a few minutes alone. Our little dog went with me, anxious to explore the beach and see what he could find.

We have some oyster bags drying out high on the shore. As I bent down to move them, I heard a sound like that of pouring warm soda into a glass of ice. I wondered what could be making such a noise, so I picked up the bag and looked closer. Hundreds of baby crabs were scurrying around as they got exposed. I watched them for a bit, and then carefully dropped the bags again, apologizing for disturbing their rest and thanking them for their work in cleaning our bags.

I walked to the edge of the water, committed to the mindfulness that comes with just being. In the shallow water I saw more small crabs, a sand dollar, and clams of all kinds just living their life. I quieted my mind and heard the snaps, crackles, and pops not of my Rice Krispies, but rather the sounds that millions of barnacles around me were making as they opened and shut their small shells looking for food – small sounds, a symphony in surround-sound.

Above me in the trees, the birds were singing their cacophony of morning music. Our little dog carefully maneuvered the beach, smelling and reveling in the newness all around him. There was no wind, so I could hear far-off sounds of fish splashing and harbor seals playing. No planes. No boat motors. And no sounds to give a hint that any other human exists.

I noticed a red leaf floating on the water – a reminder that time marches on. Though it is still early summer, autumn will follow in a few months, then winter, spring, and back to summer. By then, the baby crabs will grow and perhaps wind up in our crab pots, the baby birds chirping in their nests will build nests of their own, and the harbor seals will still be playing in the waters. Life will cycle on.
I marvel that one Creator can have imagined all of this! I can understand how many religions believe that there must be more than one God that is in charge of all of this. God’s imagination must be expansive and never-ending. As I left the beach, I gasped as an eagle soared passed me, reminding me of God’s powerful, graceful love for us, as well as the majesty of nature. One of my mother’s favorite songs was “On Eagles Wings” which we sang at her funeral. I remember that God lifts us up and that when we rest in faith we can soar to great heights. God’s imagination is deeper than we can ever fathom, and God’s love is stronger than the wind.

I returned to my family with our dog at my side, happy that I was able to take some time to open my eyes, my mind, and my soul; thankful for the faithful love of my little companion; thankful for the love that waits for me in the house as breakfast is eaten and the day is planned. I realize that God’s Imagination is even responsible for these blessings knitted together in what we call family.
May you marvel today in the Eternal Imagination that created you and all that you hold dear. And may you soar on wings of eagles and rest in God’s Love.

Where were you when I laid the earth’s foundation…
while the morning stars sang together
and all the angels shouted for joy?    — Job 38:4-7

Dave Bieniek

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