Today’s Word from Deacon Amy…

At this time last week, we were watching snow fall. In my weekly message, I remembered the joy and excitement that I felt as a child when waking up to a snow day. The day was full of endless possibilities.

As an adult with our little farm, it has become easy to be dismayed with the challenges that come along with snow – hauling buckets of water out to the fields and barns can be exhausting. Keeping animals warm and hydrated becomes a bigger job than usual. Everybody needs a little special care.

On Saturday morning, we were all feeling somewhat irritated as the snow continued to fall. My daughters and I made a chain and started filling buckets in the bathtub to load into our wagon outside the back door. We donned our heavy layers and headed outside; heavy wagon full of sloshing buckets in tow.

The change in our disposition was almost instantaneous. Suddenly we were more focused on the beauty around us than we were on the difficulties of the day. The animals greeted us joyfully; turkeys strutting, dogs frolicking, and pigs rooting through the snow.

I pulled out my cell phone camera and took some great pictures. Years from now, it will be fun to look back and remember all of the good – the beauty and the fun – in these snow days.

It’s easy to get bogged down in the troubles and struggles – why do we (humans in general) do that? Why not look for the beauty? Why not celebrate the small moments of joy and happiness around us?

Let’s make a pact to focus on the positive. When we start to feel frustrated, irritated, or disappointed, let’s look for the beauty. Let’s find the fun. Let’s choose joy.

Are you with me?

Deacon Amy