Today’s Word from Felicia Lindus…

We weather the weather!
We jumped right in to all of our weather adventures in the first week of preschool. The wind howled and the rain poured. The tent by the meadow went up, then down, and was put back up again. We found out that our face shields fog up outside, but also help keep our faces dry. This will definitely be a year of learning and new adventures.

Welcome Teacher Lindsay!
We welcome Lindsay Forbes to our staff. Lindsay is the mom of Pre-K twins Benjamin and Penelope. She taught kindergarten in Alaska and has outdoor education experience. We are excited to have her as part of our staff. Lindsay is teaching T/TH 3-4s with Teacher Kim.

Welcome to the Meadow
Teacher Michelle kept herself entertained during quarantine creating a new nature classroom. We have been busy exploring nature, hiking to the apple orchard, and digging in our “gravel pit.”

Outdoor Education
We have moved most of the preschool day outdoors, where important learning continues to take place. Currently we are working on typical classroom routines like taking turns, sharing, lining up, and cooperative listening. We are counting, exploring the use of our senses in nature, and learning about books.

Music in the Meadow
We are so thankful to have Mr. Karl and his guitar in the meadow. We can not imagine preschool without music! We hope to find ways to continue outdoor music as the weather changes.

A Year of growing, learning, and adapting
This will be a year of adapting and adjusting as we move forward. Each week brings new logistics, challenges, and ideas. We have been very thankful for so many beautiful, sunny days and we are all ready to test our assorted “weather” gear. Our school motto this year is, “There is no bad weather, just bad wardrobe!”

Special Thanks
Trinity Preschool is an active busy place. We are especially thankful for the support of this congregation, community, and our many friends. Your generosity and support really make a difference in our community.

“Let the little children come to me…” Matthew 19:14

Felicia Lindus
Trinity Preschool