Today’s Word from Felicia Lindus…

Last Thursday night we had an outdoor graduation (of course!) for 10 students. Under blue skies and some wind (for an air of authenticity) we celebrated our students and this unusual year.

As graduation began, I shared a few words of thanks:

Reflections on 2021

WELL – It’s been quite a year, hasn’t it…

We are so thankful!

Thank you to all of our preschool families:
o We are grateful to all of you for trusting us to keep your children safe
o For following the health department guidelines that we were required to implement
o For tolerating the dirty children we sent home day after day after day
o AND the loads of laundry….
o For supporting our efforts as we learned new ways to teach, in all kinds of spaces and all kinds of weather

Thank you to the staff of Trinity Preschool:
o Work was harder this year, but everyone hung in, worked together and laughed at the adventure
o Special thanks go to Teacher Michelle for the vision of “The Meadow” and all of her efforts last spring and summer to make it a usable space for us to play and learn
o Special thanks to Teacher Melissa – Melissa will be moving on to new work adventures in the coming year – we have loved working and learning with you for the past 2 years
o Special thanks to Teacher Kim for investing energy in learning to use the Brightwheel app as an effective communication tool and for ALL. THE. AMAZING. PICTURES!
o Special thanks to teacher Amy for ALL. THE. ANIMALS. We got to have hands on experience with goats, chickens and pigs thanks to teacher Amy!

Thank you to the leadership of Trinity Lutheran Church:
o To Pastor Jim for encouraging us to consider what we could make work this year, and then supporting the vision while we spent money all summer preparing to open
o Thank to Mr. Karl for being willing to bring his guitar and his umbrella wherever we were so the kids could sing and dance
o Thank you to a host of strong, and tall individuals who kept our Meadow tent standing through rain and wind so that we would have dry work space in each of our outdoor locations

Thank you to the members of this congregation:
o We received financial support from many of you. This helped to offset the ongoing expenses of maintaining COVID protocols
o We are grateful to all of you who offered prayers and kind words to encourage us during this year. Our spirits were lifted and our hearts full thanks for your support

So – there were many challenges this year, but there were also many blessings.

Here are a few things we learned:
o Kids are tougher than adults: We CAN weather the weather and the kids did it with grace
o Kids have a lot to teach us about how to adapt to new circumstances with a smile on our face
o Rain suits make the slides VERY FAST!
o Hand warmers are great in our pockets, but too hot when tucked up our sleeves
o Wind is the greatest weather challenge for preschool projects – and this night is no exception
o There are no anti-fog products that keep face shields clear in wet western Washington weather
o This was the healthiest school year ever – few colds, no flu, no strep throat and no COVID
o Your children’s smiles and enthusiasm made the hardest days worth the effort
o Jesus said “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and all your mind, and love your neighbor as yourself.” Kindness is the most important lesson we hope we taught your children this year….

We ended our celebration with a visit from the Kona Shave Ice Truck. It was a sweet end to this memorable year.

Happy Summer