Many of us live in an artificial world of our own making.

We have shaped our lives in ways that intentionally or otherwise isolate us from natural Creation that God has called us to “know” and to serve.

Our homes are warm and well insulated. The sounds of the spring birds praising their creator are damped out. Our surrounding yards are largely devoid of native species.

We tend manicured European lawn grass to the exclusion of native species which are deemed unwelcome by our homeowner association that dictates what can and cannot be planted. We are notified by the HOA if our lawn exceeds the required 3 inch maximum in length.

We often isolate ourselves from His Creation that He has instructed us to keep.

What about Creation’s fruitfulness?

Do we know our non-human neighbors? For many of us, we do not even “know” our human neighbors let along the banquet table of astounding abundance in God’s natural garden surrounding us.

If you build it, they will come! Is it time to plant a garden instead of mowing so much lawn? Creation is waiting. Your lives will be enriched as you open your eyes to the wonders of God’s bountiful creation. It is spring planting time!

But for others of us at TLC the days of planting are in the rear-view mirror. We are living day by day and doing our best to rejoice and serve our Lord in the present.

For us, perhaps the short walk to enjoy the amazing beauty of the “Octopus Tree” the oldest (900-year-old) tree at Deception Pass State Park or an evening to gaze upon the heavens as they declare the glory of God is about all that is possible.

The Whidbey Island banquet table is full for us to savor. For each of us, we will be richly blessed as we join Creation’s symphony of praise – and don’t forget to Thank God for His rich blessings!

Thanks for reading.

— Joe Sheldon

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