My ecology class was often scheduled at 8 a.m. As students wandered into the room and I looked into their eyes, I often had the impression that “nobody was home”.

Indeed, one of my former students from 30 years ago, now living in Maine, growled at me when I greeted her with “good morning”.

This past summer she came for a week-long visit, and we reflected on those early mornings. In an ironic twist, she became a teacher with 7:30 am classes!

But back to my story. After a short devotional to begin the class (it is a Christian university where faculty are expected to integrate their faith with their discipline), I often asked the students what they had seen on their way to class.

Seldom would anyone respond – even when there had been a glorious rainbow, a beautiful sunrise, or the spring wildflowers in spectacular bloom.

How many of us also fail to see and enjoy the banquet table of unbounded glory that the Lord daily splashes across Creation? The master artist is at work, and we too often fail to notice.

Have you taken time to enjoy the extravagant bloom of spring flowers? Creation’s northern hemisphere annual resurrection corresponds to Christ’s resurrection at Easter! It is a special time!

Perhaps, as the weather warms, you might take your morning devotions outside? It would be a wonderful time to read Psalm 104 or to take an evening walk under the stars as you contemplate Psalm 19.

The heavens do declare the Glory of God and the skies proclaim the works of his hands…. We just need to take time to notice.

Take time to smell the roses and to say thank you Lord!

Thanks for reading.

— Joe Sheldon

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