Today’s Word from Pastor Jim…

Join us tomorrow for a worship service featuring Country Western music. “I’ll Fly Away,” “I Saw the Light,” “Keep on the Sunny Side,” and “Will the Circle Be Unbroken,” are just a few of the upbeat offerings this Sunday.

One of the great things about TLC is the marvelous diversity of our congregation. We are blessed with people of all ages, coming to us from all walks of life. At TLC the conservative and the liberal come to worship and serve side by side. We find our unity in Jesus. We don’t all understand or experience Jesus in the same way, but we come believing that we are better as individuals and as a community when we put ourselves in the path of the Gospel.

We are blessed with amazing musicians who share their talents with us. They too come from a variety of musical backgrounds. Sheila often graces us with concert quality classical preludes. She tickles the ivories with the best of them. Ron, Brian, Jim, Deb and Sally join Karl as the sound of Breaded Fish gives a soft rock beat to our worship. The Bell Choir and our Trinity Choir inspire us most every week. Arne shares a story and sings a ballad of grace, peace and love.

Some Sundays it’s Bach and Beethoven, at other times the service features the music of James Taylor, Burt Bacharach, Fernando Ortega or David Roth. No one style works for all, but all musical varieties have the capacity to touch hearts, make memories, and inspire the people of God.

This Sunday will be the first Country Western Sunday since 2019. I invite you to put on your favorite cowboy hat and boots, slip into your jeans, and don’t forget your good attitude. It will be a memorable service highlighted by the gathering of the family for the celebration of Holy Communion.

I have been preparing myself by watching the PBS documentary, “Country Music,” by Ken Burns.

The storm has passed, the power is on, the family will gather.

I will see you tomorrow.

Much love,
Pastor Jim

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