Today’s Word from Deacon Amy…

My oldest daughter, Ava, was confirmed along with nine of her classmates last Sunday. Actually, she was confirmed with three of her classmates. Three others had been confirmed earlier that morning, and three more a couple of weeks before. Due to the pandemic and its accompanying social distance regulations, we got to celebrate Confirmation several times.

My family has been at Trinity for nearly four years now, and I’ve really come to appreciate the way that we celebrate Confirmation here. At most churches, students have to stand before the congregation and read a faith statement that they’ve written. Essentially, they’re asked to re-write the Apostles Creed, and recite it for the congregation.

Here, students write about where they see themselves 20 years from now, and they share this with their families, not in front of the whole congregation. Then, on Sunday morning, the students are asked to briefly share a favorite Bible verse, and what it means to them. Next, it’s the parents’ turn. Parents get to speak for a couple of minutes about their students. We don’t give them much framework, just ask them to talk about their kids. And, it is wonderful. It’s so moving to hear parents speak about their teens – who they are and what it’s been like to watch them grow up. Parents talk about being proud of their kids, and about their endless love for them.

Sometimes these sharings get a little emotional. I tend to get a little teary-eyed listening to them. A year ago, I realized that I would soon be standing up front, sharing about my daughter. I’ve been wondering, since then, how I would get through it.

When our turn came, it was a beautiful moment. I got to listen as Ava shared her hopes for the future – hopes to continue walking with God, to find a career that she loves, and to share her life with friends and family. It was a joy to hear her talk about her plans and dreams. Then, it was my turn. It’s not often that we parents have a chance to stand in front of a group of people and unapologetically gush about our kids! It was, as expected, a very emotional moment.

I realized that all of the other Trinity parents who have stood up and talked about their kids over the years have felt the same way. Parenting is not always easy – but it is the best job ever! We get to raise tiny little kids, and watch them become independent, caring, and capable people.

I am so incredibly proud of each and every student who was Confirmed this year. Ten of our fourteen-year-olds stood up and claimed their faith as their own. Years ago, their parents brought them to the baptismal font and made promises to raise them in the Christian faith. Last weekend, these students stood around that same font and made these promises for themselves. They are growing up – and we are so happy to be a part of this journey with them! Their future can be whatever they make it – and we know that God will always travel with them, as will their Trinity family.

Deacon Amy