Today’s Word from your TLC Staff

 This Sunday we will be honoring Linda Nevermann for her 24 years of service to Trinity Lutheran Church. The Bell Choir will be playing for one last time under her direction. We would encourage you to bring a card or greeting for Linda as she retires.

A word of thanks from Karl Olsen, Minister of Music

She’s my Swiss-cheerleading, bell-ringing, alto-singing, alphorn-playing, set piece-creating, Pig-Out-hosting, little kid-loving, advance-planning, ever-learning, servant-hearted, seldom-tiring, people-caring, cornet-playing, handbell choir-directing friend of 24 years. Yes, she’s Linda Nevermann!

In 1997, after Trinity received a gift of a few octaves of English handbells, Linda joined our fledgling group of bell-ringers for our maiden voyage, and by the end of that season, having had a bit of handbell experience 20 years earlier, agreed to become the director of the bell choir in the fall of 1998. Linda embarked on recruiting members, acquiring new music and learning everything she could about handbells.

She went on road trips with Suzanne Ramsey and others to bell conventions and workshops, where they got immersed in bell culture and techniques, and returned home to share it all with us. Now, after 24 years of dedicated service, from boomwhackers to tennis balls to bell concerts and more, Linda has decided to take one or two of those titles off her list, and retire as our director.

Her indefatigable spirit, and desire to assist the congregation in worship, and her heart for the bell program (especially the ringers behind the bells) will be missed. Linda’s constant presence in the musical life of Trinity and her being an important part of what has made up the spirit of this place have been a great gift, and I am truly grateful.

Linda is not going away, and may appear behind a bell or two in the future! But, for now, please join in thanking Linda Nevermann for a job so well and so faithfully done for all these years!

Linda–all the best wishes and prayers for your well-deserved rest.


A Word from Deacon Amy, Director of Christian Education

Among her many talents, skills, and titles, Linda has been the coordinator of our Sunday morning Adult Education program for more than a dozen years now. Linda has led this program with incredible enthusiasm, scheduling guest speakers to include Muslim Imams and Buddhist monks, college professors, retired pastors, and even an astronaut!

Linda has stretched our idea of Christian Education to include learning about the faith traditions of our neighbors near and far. She has taught us to look at the painful parts of our Christian history and dream of a better future together. She has introduced us to Christian ministries on the island, across the state, and around the world. Linda has broadened our understanding of Christian faith in the world today, and she has done it all with a strong and abiding love of Christ, and of this community.

 And how can I talk about Linda without mentioning her amazing VBS decorative displays! We will never forget the jungle creatures leaping from the walls, the life-size farm animals grazing in the narthex, and the incredible amount of talent and time that went into not only creating these displays, but envisioning the plans from the beginning.

Thank you, Linda, for your heart-felt and steadfast leadership. You will be missed!

Love and peace to you, Deacon Amy