Today’s Word from Pastor Jim

I am finding this whole coronavirus experience to be very disorienting. I wake up in the morning and I am not always sure what day it is, or what it is that I am to be doing. My entire adult life has revolved around the rhythm of church. The whole week builds to Sunday, on Monday I have a work hangover, and on Tuesday I start all over again. Throw in a few weddings, funerals, baptisms, and an occasional crisis, and my weeks were always full.

Weddings and funerals have been declared illegal in Washington State right now. Baptisms have been postponed. I am not allowed to visit hospitals, nursing homes, or private homes. The church office is locked down for public safety, no one comes in my office to cry, and our staff meetings are now virtual. Last Sunday, I sat for four hours waiting to see if someone would show up for worship. No one did. It is all very disorienting. As a consequence of all of the above, I do not know what day it is.

But I have a calendar, and I have May 17th optimistically circled. Everyday, I get one day closer to May 17th and even if that date is off by a week or two, still every day I get one day closer to the end of this crisis.

One day closer – that is what we are. That is my new theme for surviving this crisis. I am not happy to be in this disorienting situation, but I am glad to be journeying with you!

Keep safe, isolate, and keep smiling – after all, we are one day closer. And if you call me this week, please start by telling me what day it is.

Much love,


Pastor Jim

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