Weekly Word

I received a thank you card in the mail last week.

“Pastor Jim and Trinity Church, our hearts are so humbled and thankful for your extremely generous check!!! We were able to purchase an entire case of the extra-large cans of Nutramigen formula for our 10-week-old son. You have no idea the impact that will have for our family!! The case will last us a while and will allow us to get ahead with saving money to buy more formula. You have reminded us that there are seriously good people in this world.

“Thank you so much!!! We are truly so thankful!!!

“With much love and gratitude.”

The parents are working. The family has medical insurance. The cost of doctor-prescribed, over-the-counter formula had put a terrible financial strain on the family. They did not ask for money, but you, people of Trinity, unexpectedly helped them.

This is your church! This is what we do! And it happens every week in a dozen different ways. This grace-filled generosity is possible because you support our ministry. Your gifts to TLC make a difference on the Island and in the world.

We cannot do it without you! Blessed to be a Blessing!

As you consider your year-end giving, as you prayerfully support your Church, I would encourage you to make a statement for good. I would encourage you to give, that others may live. I would encourage you to share a larger portion of what God has so generously entrusted to you. If you are reading this email, then the odds are that you, like me, are among the 1 percent of the richest people on earth. Recognize it, acknowledge the privilege, and be inspired.

Thank you for making it possible for us to provide formula for a 10-week-old baby.

Blessed to be a Blessing indeed!



Pastor Jim