This Evening’s Word from your TLC Endowment Committee…

“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” – Matthew 6:21

The TLC Endowment started as one man’s vision over 22 years ago. Church member, Steve Schrecengost, created hope for the future – to support local charities, provide aid to those devastated by natural disasters or hunger, and support education for the next generation. The Endowment started with less than $3,000 back in 1999. Who would have imagined that in 22 years, the fund would reach the $5 million level? A very sincere THANK YOU to all who have contributed to the Endowment Fund!

In 2021 we will be distributing an impressive $211,000 of Endowment funds, which is more than in any prior year. Of this amount, $31,000 is earmarked for benevolent purposes; the Church Council selects the receiving charities at the local, national, and/or global levels. The remaining sums will be awarded as scholarships to deserving youth in our parish and the local community pursuing higher education. These young people are changed forever, enabled to pursue their dreams through the generosity of people like you.

Donors to the fund are building a legacy, which will outlast their lifetimes. We are exceptionally grateful to an increasing number of legacy donors, as well as the important, occasional gifts received from church members. We are blessed with a stalwart financial advisor, appreciating his thoughtful investment management guidance for the portfolio. The market has been generally kind, providing strong annual growth and returns, which facilitate increasing our distributions for benevolent purposes, and scholarships for local youth.

What is your Legacy? Throughout life, most of us strive to make a difference – in our families, our communities, and beyond. Sometimes we think about how that care and effort will extend beyond our lifetimes. If you’d like to make a difference far into the future, you might wish to consider becoming one of the TLC Endowment’s remarkable contributors. (Or, you may prefer to remain anonymous.)

For more information on creating a legacy gift, please contact Pastor Jim. If you feel inspired to act now, please CLICK HERE and you’ll be directed to the Online Giving Donation page on the TLC website, where you will choose Endowment.

With utmost gratitude and at your service, as protectors of the Endowment assets,

Your Endowment Committee,

Rich Bacigalupi (Chair), David Campbell (Vice-Chair), Kathy Ann Borson (Treasurer), Maija Eerkes (Secretary), Kathy Rogers, Steve Dalgleish, Clayton Fleming (Committee Members).