Today’s Word from guest writer Laura Canby…
Be still and know that I am God. — Psalm 46:10
Late August and early September evenings will usually find me on the beach at Lagoon Point or Bush Point, fishing rod in hand, hoping to land a silver salmon. So far I am 0 for 9 nights… but that’s fine.
Truth be told, it’s as much about being at water’s edge, lulled by the rhythmic shlupp-shlupp-shlupp of gentle lapping waves, and of tasting the saltiness carried on a light breeze.
I call this slow-down time my ‘breathing with the waves’ time. For me, it’s a time to breathe in deeply, then slowly exhale gratitude for the beauty around me, while engaging in conversational prayer in my mind.
As I cast–retrieve-cast my line over and over and over, I am basically at stillness; the stillness described in the Bible of calming one’s mind to better appreciate the presence of God.
Places of deep beauty abound all around us on Whidbey Island. For me it is a sandy beach strewn with driftwood, smoothed stones, broken shells, and shiny green seaweed.
Looking west, there are amazing sunsets – sometimes blazingly brilliant; other times soft and muted. With setting sun the Olympics turn from blue to purple to dusky mauve as stars and moon appear.
Occasionally, there is a breeching orca… a swooping eagle snatching fish… or a seal popping up to watch fisher-folk onshore with a wide-eyed curiosity.
Perhaps he muses: ‘Look at those poor creatures. They have to use sticks to catch fish. I’m so lucky to just use my mouth and front flippers!
Salmon fishing season is short, but its effects will carry me through a busy autumn.
No doubt you have your own practice for stillness. Why not take a moment and share where or how you find your ‘stillness’ and experience a deeper presence of God.
Laura Canby