Tired of reading?  Want to see an actual face in a familiar location?  Click on the arrow button in this post to see Pastor Jim’s video greeting. 

Drive-by Food Drive at TLC Tuesday, May 5 from 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. Your church staff will greet you safely, blow you kisses, and collect your food donations. All this without you ever getting out of the car. Your non-perishable items will go to local food banks to serve your hungry neighbors. 

TLC sent checks this week. $1,400 to Young Life Whidbey, and $3,000 to Good Cheer Food Bank.

This Sunday we will be sharing Holy Communion. Before you join us on Sunday morning, have fun setting up your home altar with a candle, a Bible, a cross, and of course, bread and juice. Send us a photo of your home altar.

If you find the service to be helpful and worshipful, please share it on Facebook or forward it to friends and family.

Want to play golf this week? You may want to think twice. There are only 613 laws restricting Jewish life and practice; there are even more laws restricting safe golf in the State of Washington.

Want to be in a worship service some Sunday? Send a short video greeting, “Peace be with you,” to lcanby@whidbey.com. Or volunteer to be a reader at amytlcyouth@gmail.com.

Be safe, be patient, be kind, and know that you are loved by God and your TLC family.