Today’s Word from Pastor Jim

Trinity Lutheran Church is one of the 9,000 churches in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. The ELCA is broken up into 65 regional bodies called synods. We are a part of the Northwest Washington Synod which stretches along the I-5 corridor from the Canadian border to Sea-Tac. The Northwest Washington Synod (NWWS) offices are located at St. John Lutheran Church right across the street from the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle.

Our NWWS is served by Bishop Shelley Bryan Wee. Two weeks ago, Bishop Bryan Wee brought a personal greeting to our congregation during our Mother’s Day worship. This past week she recorded a sermon that could have been used yesterday, but to protect my own job security, I decided to preach myself. The good news is that you can follow the link below and experience the Bishop’s sermon for yourself. So, for those of you who have longed to hear a good sermon, this is your lucky day.

Keep smiling, keep praying, keep believing, we are one day closer to an end of this crisis.

Much love,
Pastor Jim

Follow this link to watch Bishop Shelley Bryan Wee’s sermon:

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