Today’s Word from Deacon Amy…

I love spring! I always tell people that spring is my favorite season. The days get longer, temperatures start to rise, everything is blooming, and new life abounds. Spring is full of joy – and hope! There is light and growth all around us!

Somehow, in my fond recollections of spring, I always seem to forget about the allergies. I remember how beautiful the flowers are, how nice it is to see new leaves sprouting and the bright green grass growing – but I never remember that each of these growing things come with a different type of pollen or allergen.

I went to an allergist a few years ago and got tested. The results show that I am allergic to “everything that grows in Western Washington.” I guess I won the allergy lottery there. This means that for several months out of the year, I’m pretty miserable with allergy symptoms (despite a full array of meds on board).

Still, I don’t think I could quite imagine living anywhere else. We are surrounded with unimaginable natural beauty. Every season reveals a new level of God’s creative wonder. Spring is extravagantly abundant with signs of God’s glory. We live in an absolute wonderland of beauty. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

I am sure that, despite my stuffy nose and itchy eyes, I will continue to claim spring as my favorite season. I will continue to forget the discomfort and remember only the brilliance of the season. My 13-year-old often states that I’m “too optimistic” – I guess optimism is one of the many things that annoy teenagers. I think there are worse things that I could be, though, other than optimistic.

I will keep enjoying the flowers, the beautiful sunsets, and the warm breezes. I will focus on the beauty and the joy of the season. I will choose to find happiness in the season.

Enjoy this spring, friends, for it is glorious!

Deacon Amy