Today’s Word from Rev. David Bieniek…  

Last week’s gentle rains in August remind me that we live in the Pacific Northwest near a rainforest and that at any time during the year the rains might appear. I have always felt that rain is God’s way of cleansing the earth and our souls as well.

As a child, growing up in Texas, rain often came with huge thunderstorms which could spawn spectacular lightning, flash floods, and destructive forces. Rain was seldom gentle and caressing. It could be strong, pounding, and fast. I much prefer our rain showers here.

In reality, rain in all of its forms is an important part of the natural world, but it can also be an important spiritual reminder of God’s love and renewal for this world.

Pastor Jim often speaks to those being baptized of the importance of water in everyday life. He is fond of reminding us that each time we use water to brush our teeth, to shower, to swim, those are times which remind us of our Baptism and our call, as Children of God, to heal the world.

Rain gently falling from the sky is yet another reminder of that Baptism for me. It is nature’s way of reminding us of the blessings all around us. The blessing of water renewing the earth, breaking up clods of dirt, and allowing plants and animals to feel the renewal of this water. These rain showers are a way of reminding all of creation that we are all Children of God.

As we move through this summer of COVID with its fear and unknowing, may the welcoming showers that drench the parched earth and brown grass serve to remind us that God is still with us. Even in the face of fear and death, our God walks with us in the rain. After the rains, may we find the joy of birds who sing in the rain showers, lightening our worries and lifting our spirits.

Rev. Dave Bieniek

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