Today’s Word from Mark Winslow…

A few days ago, I had to make a trip over to the mainland. A list of things to do called me over to that frenzied world. Normally Colleen and I prefer staying here, on our little island of paradise. Like everyone else, we have our fair share of problems and challenges, but we enjoy these peaceful surroundings in which to work things out. On that particular day, there was no getting around my having to make the trip to the other side. As it turned out, it was a very meaningful journey.

Once on the other side, I seem to sometimes get caught up in a hurried state of mind. This was one of those mornings for me. Fast approaching a signal light, I realized I wasn’t going to make the light. I muttered a little bit to myself as I slowed down and stopped at the light. I just missed it. Dang it! After sitting there for a few seconds, I looked around a bit and noticed a man walking towards me to my right, approaching the crosswalk. He looked as though he was dressed for work. He was talking on his cell phone. I immediately noticed that he was crying, and even sobbing a bit, without any concerns about anything other than that phone call. He stopped, and just stood there talking and crying.

Unmasked, I could see the complete expression on his face. He was in deep pain. It overwhelmed me. I started to cry as well. He wasn’t more than 20 feet from me. He looked over at me and saw my tears. I know he realized that, in a very small way, I was feeling his pain. Just for a brief moment with our eyes locked, we shared that pain together. It was a very meaningful moment in time for me, and maybe for him as well.

The light turned green and I pulled away, with the train of cars behind me. My destination was about 15 miles away. I thought deeply about what had just taken place. God works in such beautiful and mysterious ways. We all have problems. This experience just made me realize how much I have to be grateful for, and how blessed I am. We all are. The list of things that I had felt burdened by quickly washed away. In the grand scheme of things, they were not that important.

I think I’m going to think of this man for quite a while, especially when I find myself sitting at a red light. Hopefully, our brief moment in time will help me to remember how much we all need each other.

Next time you’re stuck at a light, maybe give yourself a moment, and look both ways. You never know what you might see.

God bless!

Mark Winslow