We get lots of cards at TLC. This one we wanted to share with a larger audience. Merry Christmas!

Today’s Word from Mark Winslow

2020! Wow! 2020 is the number you like to hear if you are visiting an optometrist. “Great news! You can see clearly, both near and far away!” Not the case, if we are looking back at the past year. Very little has been clear and in focus.

One thing that we have noticed is that the months have just flown by, even when some days just seem to stand still. Christmas has really rushed up on us. A few days ago, we started hanging our cards, received from past years, on our walls. That helped a great deal in getting us into the spirit of the season. We hope that you are feeling some of that spirit as well.

Honestly, for us, that has been a real challenge this season. Maybe you are feeling the same way. We want you to know that your cards on our walls have provided us with the spirit boost we need. There are many things that make us feel both blessed and grateful…every day.

A little light in dark times…

One early morning last summer, Colleen and I were having a cup of coffee. She got up from her chair and opened our back-door curtains. Much to our surprise, there stood a little, undernourished, and disheveled looking fawn. It could not have weighed more than 40 pounds, and stood more than three feet high. It stood within inches of our slider, just staring at us with these big, dark eyes. Within a minute or two, we realized that this fawn was an orphan, no mother in sight. Colleen cut up a few apples, and put them on the patio step for her. She quickly ate them. Her hair was matted and dirty, and she looked frightened and alone. For whatever reason, she chose not to run away. Colleen then announced that her name would be “Scruffy.” The name seemed to fit.

For the past many months, Scruffy has been showing up at our back door first thing in the morning. She now has us trained to feed her a few cups of grain every morning. Normally deer in our area travel in packs that number between six and ten. The pack will include a couple of does, several fawns, and a male or two. If there is an orphan in the group, they will travel along, but hang on the fringe of the group; part of the group, but always treated as a castaway.

Over time, Scruffy has gotten much healthier. Her coat looks clean, and she has put on some weight. I’m sure other people in our neighborhood are helping as well. We feel blessed to be a part of our little community. Helping Scruffy helps us get through these tough times.

During these pandemic times, we can all feel like Scruffy. Cast aside or forgotten, sad or depressed, hungry, anxiety ridden, or just plain alone. We all go through it. But we are not alone. We have each other. If we allow ourselves to receive, or we give to others, the world gives back.

Kindness can provide so much strength!

Even though we won’t see you this season, we send our love, thoughts, and prayers to you and yours.

Merry Christmas & God Bless!
Mark & Colleen Winslow