A Dwelling Place… Today’s Missive by Laura Canby…  
Hard to believe that it was nearly 10 years ago since I traveled with a group of TLC pilgrims to the Holy Land. It was a trip that would enhance, illuminate and deepen my understanding of the Bible.
Places were brought to life by heightened senses. There were poppy-strewn spring hills surrounding the Galilee… the taste of hot bread plucked fresh from a clay oven… arid hillsides near the Dead Sea punctuated by a cloudburst-fed waterfall… bleating goats herded by young Bedouin boys… the sweat-tinged, loud, crowded market streets. I was a stranger in a vaguely familiar land with echoes of Bible stories nearly everywhere I walked,
The Psalms are prayers, poems, pleas, exuberant praises, piercing insights, abject doubt, deep self-pity… basically a road map of what it means to be human… a human in search of God.
While on the Israel trip, I wrote a psalm of my observations there, later adding photos from the trip. (Click on the video below to play it.)
One need not travel to the Middle East to write a psalm. During these Covid-times, why not write your own psalm, and share it?  In fact, pour your heart out to God through pen and paper or via keyboard and computer. It is a prayer to God and a gift to others.