On November 1st, 2023, Trinity Lutheran Church will mark 70 years of ministry in Freeland!  This little church began with the vision of our 37 Charter Members, most of whom were children.  They had no land, no money, no staff, and they shared a pastor with our mother church, Saint Peter’s in Clinton.  What they lacked in material possessions was made up for by their vision for the future and their dedication.

We will be celebrating our 70th Anniversary on Sunday, November 5th.   We will be partying like it was 1953!  We would encourage you to wear poodle skirts, slick back your hair (if you have any), dress like the 50’s and be ready for the sock hop.  The festivities that day will be as follows:

8:00 am All Saints Sunday Worship.  Remembering all who have gone before us.

9:00 am Festive Coffee hour.

9:30—10:20 am The entire congregation is invited to an Anniversary program in the Sanctuary.  There will be videos, singing, and storytelling as we offer our praises to God.

11:00 am All Saints Sunday Worship.  Remembering all who have gone before us.

12:00 Noon.  A 50’s Anniversary Party complete with popular 50’s music, a photo booth from the Ice Cream Parlor, trivia and a hula hoop contest.  Dancing?  Yes!  Bring your dance partner or walker.  Lunch will include hot dogs and polish sausages, tater tots, Jello salad, root beer floats, chips, cake, popcorn and rice crispy treats.

There will be historical displays chronicling the rich 70 years of our service to God in this place.

Plan now to attend the program, a worship service, and the party!  It is rumored that Elvis may even appear.  For 70 years God has blessed TLC and in turn TLC has been a blessing to non-profits and benevolent causes on the Island and across the world.  On November 5th we will send a thank you note to God and celebrate.

One beggar telling another beggar where to find Root Beer Floats, I am your

Pastor Jim