Grief, Hope, and Generosity; It is a Great Time to be the Church Together!…
Today’s Word from Pastor Jim.…..  

I find myself writing about, preaching about, and feeling lots of GRIEF these days. I am continually reminded that no one has escaped the grief in this season of contagion. The layers of grief sit side by side with an unusual amount of anxiety. It is important for us to articulate what we are going through, and to be honest about our emotions and our emotional state. Misery loves company; telling the stories of grief reduces our sense of isolation. We are reminded that we are not alone in this struggle; in fact, everyone is on a similar journey.

It is a great time to be the Church together! More than anything, I am filled with HOPE. You have inspired hope in me. Your kind notes, emails, and generous offerings have been an inspiration to our staff. Though we have been apart in this season of disruption, we have at the same time, been united for the common good. Because of you, I am filled with hope and someday, perhaps someday soon, we will worship under the same roof again. The Church together is reaching out, finding new ways to serve, and new ways to stay connected.

The core Church Staff at TLC is working in our offices pretty much every day of the week. The campus is closed for your safety and for ours, but the work continues. We are producing content every day, reaching out to those who are shut-in, responding to crisis, and keeping the home fires burning until you return. We have continued to pay our entire staff, even if they are not working right now. Though tuition is no longer being paid, still our Trinity Preschool teachers continue to serve their students and their families. They are working weekly to prepare activity packets full of academic exercises and projects.

Your gifts to TLC during this time are appreciated and critical to the ongoing financial health of our parish. Your gifts allow us to continue our work and to continue our support of the many charities that rely on us. During this time when we are apart, we continue to be the church together. It is a great time to be the Church!

Much love and deep appreciation,

Pastor Jim

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