From Your TLC F.U.N. (For U Now) Committee…
Let’s Have Some Fun!

As we stay home and stay healthy, our TLC family can still remain connected…we just need to be a little more creative. Thank goodness social distancing doesn’t require us to be anti-social. We can still laugh, talk, and see each other through the wonders of technology (remember when the telephone was new technology?).

The TLC Fun committee is meeting ‘virtually’ to create some fun ways that we can connect over the next few weeks. For example, you can join us on:

 Sunday – Virtual coffee hour on Facebook – say hi and respond to a group question on Facebook.

 Monday – Look for some trivia questions in your inbox or click here

Maskmaker, Maskmaker, Make Me a Mask 
Let’s start this week’s trivia off with a little music.

This week’s trivia will test your knowledge of members of TLC and the Whidbey Community. We have asked folks to don their masks (then we edited the photos just a little to not make it too easy!) Your job is to guess who they are! 
Click here to test your knowledge. Check for the answers tomorrow.

 TuesdayAnswers to the trivia questions will be revealed by our guest trivia master – check your inbox, this link on our website, or on Trinity’s Facebook page.

 Wednesday – Virtual “Be Happy” Hour in the Zoom Room

~Be Happy~  Hour (Zoom)
Would you like to connect with some TLC friends on video for a zoom ~Be Happy~ Hour this Wednesday or next?
Don’t know how to use zoom – we will help you. You will need a phone with a camera or a computer with a webcam. 
Sign up here

 Friday – Phone a Friend – pull out your church directory and phone a friend.

Friday is a great day to phone a friend! Missing someone who sits in your row, or that person who laughs with you at coffee hour, or that new friend with the great smile? Pull out your church directory and give them a call – just to say hi.



Let’s go to the Movies or Series  (at home)
What are you watching these days? Know a great movie or series? Have a good recommendation or want to see what your friends are saying?  Click here. Add yours to the list.

Help us get the fun times started by giving us a little information. Please click here for a short survey:

We are all in this together. We all need a little TLC – we are here For U Now (FUN).

Blessed to be a blessing!
The “Fun” Committee