TLC Women’s Ministries

TLC Women’s Ministries


Shaleen Camery-Hoggatt, the new Director of Women’s Ministries, has planned a wonderful variety of classes, workshops and gatherings for women this Fall to connect with God and each other.

Women’s Book Study Tuesdays, September 18 – November 13 
Women’s Book Study starts an 8-week session on Emotionally Healthy Spirituality this Tuesday, September 18, 10:00 – 11:30 am in the Fireside Room. Books and sign-ups are available today in the gym.

Women’s Bible Study Fridays, September 21 – October 5
Women’s Bible Study starts on Friday, September 21, 10:00 – 11:30 am in the Fireside Room with a 3-week study of Psalm 139.

Praying in Color Saturday, September 22
Praying in Color is this Saturday, September 22, 9:30 – 11:00 am in the Fireside Room. Men, women & high school youth are invited to come discover this creative prayer practice. Sign up today in the gym.

A NOVEL Approach to the Gospel of Mark
Alternating Tuesday Evenings Beginning September 25
A NOVEL approach to the GOSPEL OF MARK will meet on alternating Tuesday evenings from 6:00 – 7:30 pm beginning September 25 in the Fireside Room. Dr. Jerry Camery-Hoggatt will read aloud from his novel on Mark, followed by q & a about the gospel passage. Sign up today in the gym.

Women Gather to Connect, Saturday, September 29
Women Gather to Connect: Bring your favorite mug and enjoy morning coffee, muffins, and time with other TLC women on Saturday, September 29, 9:30 – 11:00 am in the Fireside Room. Let us know you plan to attend by signing up today in the gym.

Adult Education Classes

Adult Education Classes

Trinity’s Adult Education Classes meet at 9:30 a.m. on Sundays from September 15 through the end of May, in the Fireside Room.

MarkEagerclassTopics include different denominations, Interfaith studies, Lutheran history, current social issues. We have guest speakers specialized in a variety of bible-based academia, including seminary professors, pastors, emeritus professors, religious leaders from other religions, and other professionals.

Join us for presentations related to Christian discipleship.

Our goal is to offer a variety of topics ranging from Christian spirituality, Scripture study, Interfaith, to moral and social issues.

For further information, please contact Linda Abegglen Nevermann, Adult Education Coordinator.

Adult Ed



  Journeying with Severe Pain, Chronic Illness, Life-threatening Disease      

Everyone experiences one of these life-changes at some point—our own or that of  someone we love.  Each one is unique. Shaleen doesn’t have a universal road map through suffering, but will share her journey with an incurable disease.                                                             

Speaker: Shaleen Camery-Hoggatt Women’s Ministries


  Reverse Evangelism…Finding Christ in the Margins

Evangelism Committees have been by far the most difficult committees to find people to serve. We have a Biblical mandate to go and spread the good news, don’t we? How has Evangelism created a difference in power, impeded our success, maybe been somewhat un-biblical? Let’s find a new lens to look at all our helping ministries that we are currently doing in our congregations?

Speaker: Pastor Andy Yee, Assistant to ELCA Bishop Shelley Bryan Wee Bio: Pr. Andy Yee has been working as the Assistant to the Bishop (NWWA Synod) very recently.  He brings parish    experience primarily in Youth and Family Ministries.  Prior to his call with the Bishop, he served nine years as Chaplain at Josephine Caring Community working with those struggling with issues of aging.


16   Enlightened by Wisdom of Epiphany  

As a star led the Magi to the baby Jesus the season of Epiphany enlightens the eye of the heart (Ephesians 1:17-23) to see the saving presence of Jesus Christ in our lives and all the world. With song and story, experience the wisdom of Jesus in a season of awe, wonder, and delight.                                                        

Speaker: Rev. Jerry O’Neill, D Min., Post Masters in Spiritual Direction     


23   From Ashes to Fire                       

Here is a question you hear frequently just before Ash Wednesday:  “What are you giving up for Lent?” Perhaps this year you might want to ask yourself: “What are you taking up for Lent?”  To help you think about “taking up” something for Lent, join us for a discussion about Lenten traditions and how to plan your observance of this holy season                                              

Speaker: Pastor Wayne Bacus




 A Doctor’s Stories from the Edge of Life and Death III                    

Hear the deeply moving life and death stories from Dr. Betsy MacGregor’s 30 years of working as a physician in a NYC hospital. She will talk about her  patients and seeing them not only through a physician’s eyes, but seeing them as sensitive, vulnerable people at end of life

Speaker: Dr. Betsy MacGregor        


Long-term Relationships From Marriage to the End of Life

With more than 50 years of married life, witnessing the lives of countless colleagues, patients, clients and friends along the way, Charles, with input from Betsy, will share life experiences and lessons learned about relationships over the long term. Making marriage work, dealing with  illness and aging, and preparing for end of  life.                                                                           

Speaker: Charles Terry

Bio: Charles has 50 years experience establishing, leading   and advising nonprofit organizations, philanthropic foundations. He served as Director of Philanthropy for the Rockefeller Family; founder and Executive Director of The Door—a Center of Alternatives for Youth which provides comprehensive health, mental health, social services and arts center for teenagers in New York City. Founded NYU Law School Program in Urban Law, a clinical training program providing free legal services to disadvantaged individuals and  communities. Founding board member of Enso House on Whidbey Island and is a long-term board member of Partners for Youth Empowerment, which provides programs and training for youth and adults in 15 countries around the world. Graduate of Dartmouth College   and Harvard Law School, and attended the original Woodstock Music Festival in 1969, an educational experience that influenced his life. His current passions included photography, particularly documenting the lives of children around the world, and writing. Charles and wife, Betsy, are TLC  members.


15    Stump the Pastors                 

See if you can “stump” these mischievous amigos with your most difficult theological questions. Bring your written questions; paper and pencils also provided.                                                               

Speakers: Pastors Dennis, Tom &  Jerry


22 & 23   The Passion of Joan of Arc I & II 

According to 2012 Sight and Sound critics’ poll, this 1928 “talkie” is the 10th Greatest Films of All Time. This French historical film is based on the actual record of the trial of Joan of Arc. It tells the story of the doomed but ultimately canonized 15th-century teenage warrior. On trial for claiming she’d spoken to God, Jeanne d’Arc is subjected to inhumane treatment and scare tactics at the hands of church officials. Initially bullied into   changing her story, Jeanne eventually opts for what she sees as the truth. A famously brutal execution, earns her perpetual martyrdom.

Speaker: Linda Nevermann




Christ Killers                 

We begin Holy Week today, first a parade of palm-wavers and Jesus on a  borrowed donkey. It goes downhill from there. We end the day with a tangle of questions, condemnations, accusations. The Chief Justice of Rome is involved, religious leaders supported by the mob of people make their claims against Jesus, an itinerant preacher who ends up being crucified, Why? Who killed him? Who can we blame? Pilate? The mob? The Jews? Who’s at fault?. What had  Jesus done so wrong that crucifixion was a just or two, “No one is above the Law”! 

Speaker: Pastor Dennis Hanson   


12  Happy Easter – No Class 


19 & 26  Joy in the Bible I & II               

What is joy? Is it different from happiness? What does the Bible say about it?

Speaker: Dr. Tom Johnson   




3    Meet The Heretics                    

We must love them both—both those with whom we agree and those with whom we disagree, for both have journeyed with us in the quest for truth and both have aided us in the finding of it. – Thomas Aquinas. Learn the role played by the heretics in furthering Christian theology and practice.                                                              

Speaker:  Pastor Jerry Camery-Hoggatt


10   Open Mic with Pastor Dennis      

Questions: The Church, ELCA, Bible, Sacraments, difference between Lutherans and……?, Pastors – how does one become one, how long does it take to be ordained and what is ordination, etc.. How have things changed in the church since he was ordained (1964 ) – worship, music, etc..                                             

Speaker: Pastor Dennis Hanson


17   Israel Trip

Hear the stories and see pictures of the amazing historical sights of the Holy Land.                                           

Speaker:  Mark & Colleen Winslow

Last class until Sept. 14, 2020.                   Adult Ed Coordinator:






TLC Women’s Ministries

Women’s Ministries at TLC

Shaleen Camery-Hoggatt, the Director of Women’s Ministries, has planned a wonderful variety of classes, workshops and gatherings for women to connect with God and each other.


Women Growing InFaith Together – GIFT

Join us on Tuesday Mornings 

GIFT is a weekly gathering of women committed to being intentional about growing and learning. Beginning September 17, we will meet on Tuesdays from 10-11:30 am in the Fireside Room to engage in Bible Study, book studies, exploration of spiritual formation and practices, sharing, praying, and supporting each other on the journey of faith.

Sign up after church in the gym on Sundays or email

Contemplative Bible Study:  “Praying the Psalms”

Meets on Fridays, 10-11:30 am in the Fireside Room. Contact Shaleen at

Fishinista Workshop

Fishinista Workshop


For the past five years Trinity Lutheran Church has sponsored a popular fishing 101 workshop primarily designed for women who have little to no fishing experience, (men with little to no fishing experience are also welcome).

UNFORTUNATELY, this year’s workshops (2016) are cancelled due to the WA State Fish & Wildlife ruling not to open any season for silver salmon (Cohos). We plan to resume hosting the Fishinista workshops in 2017 because the pink salmon will be running in summer of 2017 and we hope that silver salmon will also be open to be caught.

This workshop provides both an overview of basic shoreline salmon fishing plus practical tips including the following:

Putting together your Fishing Kit:

  • Fishing License — How to fill out a catch record – displaying a Vehicle Use Permit
  • Fishing rod / Line / Lures  (mainly buzz bombs)  / Jellies  / Skirts
  • License & pen / Fish & Wildlife Booklet / optional laminated fish ID chart
  • How to Identify the different types of salmon: King or Chinook / Silver or Coho / Pinks or Humpies
  • How to identify the different salmon (humpies, silver, and kings and how many will be running this year)
  • Wild or hatchery? How to tell. Why this is important.
  • Why to use different color and sized lures
  • Signs to look for on the water. Jumping, roiling, bait balls, scanning the water

DSCN0053-1024x779Basics of Fishing 

  •  Understanding catch limits & size (refer to booklet)
  • Where you can fish according to the zone
  • Private property signs
  • Open places to fish on Whidbey Island
  • Best times to go fishing
  • How to read a tide chart
  • Knowing the rules and safety tips (like looking in back before you cast)
  • Preparing the hook.
  • Basic Knots: Show Modified Clinch knot
  • Tying on a buzz bomb
  • Casting and Retrieving techniques
  •  How to cast
  •  Strikes — what they feel like, how to tell, how to set the hook
  • What to expect according to different types of fish
  • Retrieval techniques;  how to ‘play’ the fish
  • Common mistakes

DSCN3700After the Catch

  • Once you land the fish, how to bonk, bleed and gut the fish
  • Recording your catch
  • How to donate salmon to Good Cheer Food Bank
  • Local fishing derbies and fishing clubs you may enjoy
His Hands Extended

His Hands Extended

His Hands Extended sandwich makers

Submitted by Pamela Schroeder

His Hands Extended has grown since its inception from traveling to Seattle to feed and clothe the homeless, starting out at a shelter near the waterfront to serving homeless people under the viaduct, then onto Compass Center at 3rd & Virginia St., then finally, in May 2014, Peter’s Place, a 48 bed overnight shelter, opened in the SoDo district.
We meet the second and fourth Wednesday of the month for sandwich making at 11:00 am in the Trinity kitchen. We then travel to Seattle the second and fourth Thursday of the month to Seattle.

After feeding and clothing the residents at Peter’s Place, whatever clothing is left over is dropped off at a Nickelsville encampment nearby. HHE also provides clothing for Everett Gospel Mission and a Women’s Shelter also located in Everett.

This past year your generous donations of food, clothing and bedding have helped countless homeless people.

Our volunteers prepare approximately 300 sandwiches monthly, and in the cold winter months we also provide homemade soup.

We have been able to provide earthenware dishes and flatware, and our quilters donated about 35 quilts. We were also able to purchase a sound system for Peter’s Place, which is used by the staff to relay vital information to the folks in the center.

Unfortunately there are so many homeless men, women and children in Seattle. But thanks to Trinity Lutheran Homeless Ministry, along with South Whidbey Assembly of God, we are able to bring some much needed nourishment, comfort, and the word of God to 200 or more people per month.

Our volunteers with HHE pray for your continued donations in the future, we could not provide for so many needy people without your help!

We are always in need of the following items:

  • Men’s & Women’s clothing items:
  • Underwear, socks, gloves, hats, scarves, coats, shoes
  • Backpacks, sleeping bags, travel size toiletries
  • Lightweight (paperback) books: fiction, self help, novels
  • VOLUNTEER! Join us on a trip to Seattle or help out with sandwich making!

Email or call Pamela Schroeder, Coordinator
We look forward to seeing you!

Matthew 25:35-36

Prayer Group

Wednesday Morning Prayer Group

Our TLC Prayer Group meets Wednesday mornings at 9 a.m. in the second grade  Sunday School classroom.  Our mission is to share concerns, gain insight and support, and pray together for the needs of those at TLC throughout the world.  Please contact Normal Hansson or Linda Plitkins, prayer group coordinators, if you have questions, or call the office.   The group meets September through June.