From infancy through high school graduation… Trinity has programs to help children, youth and teens develop a strong faith in God to help them navigate through life. They also come to realize that they are important members of the body of Christ and the life of this congregation.

Please click on the Sunday School page menu tab for information on Sunday School programs for children in first through fifth grades.


For Young Children

Bring the Children
Children are welcome in the sanctuary during worship. We love having little ones at our church services!

For parents who prefer to keep fussy babies and toddlers in their arms while attending the church service, or for nursing mothers who may desire a little more privacy, rocking chairs are provided just outside the glass sanctuary doors and also in the back row on the left side of the church sanctuary.

Trinity’s Nursery Program Who says church can’t be fun? Toddlers and young children up to age 4 have a blast in our delightfully decorated nursery loaded with safe toys. Children are carefully watched over by our experienced staff of paid and volunteer nursery workers so that parents may have peace of mind when entrusting their little ones to the nursery while they attend either church services or the Adult Education class.

Infant, Toddler and Child Baptism and First Communion Classes
Trinity staff hold classes for parents desiring their children to be baptized as well as first communion classes several times a year. Please contact the church office for more information.

Baptisms are a joyous occasion at Trinity…