Look forward to singing Handel’s Messiah each Christmas?

Wait no further.  Join the Saratoga Chamber Orchestra this Sunday, December 4 at 2:30 p.m. in Trinity Church’s Sanctuary for a Community Sing-Along… 

Saratoga Chamber Orchestra, Legh W. Burns, conductor


Kate Matteson, Soprano
LuAnne Hargis, Alto
Bill Humphreys, Tenor
Karl Olsen, Bass
in collaboration with the Trinity Lutheran Church Choir, Karl Olsen, Director

Donations will be accepted at the Door
SCO Flex Pass Tickets also accepted


Q & A: How does a Sing-Along Messiah work? 
Here are some FAQs:

How long does a concert last?
About 2 ½ hours, which includes a roughly 15-minute intermission.

Do I need to bring my own music?
It’s best if you do, however we will have a limited number of scores available for a $3 rental at the door on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Where can I get a score of my own?
Joe’s Island Music in Langley can order you a copy. Please contact them at: 360-221-2505. (We use the Watkins-Shaw edition published by Novello, but other editions can be used.)

Are people required to sing?  Not at all. You can come and simply listen if you want to.

Is there reserved seating?  Not really. All seating is unassigned, and is therefore “general” in a sense. However, we do set aside a few rows in the front of the church which are segregated by voice-range (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, and Bass.) After that, the rest of the church is open seating and people can sit wherever they like.

Do I have to sit in the correct section to sing?  It make things easier to see cues from the conductor, but if you came with a group of experienced friends of different voice parts, and you would like to sing together, you certainly may. Just sit in the rows behind the established SATB sections.

Does the audience sing-along on every piece?  No, just the choruses. The arias and recitatives will be sung by our soloists.

This performance will include at minimum the following choruses:
#4 And the Glory of the Lord
#7 And He Shall Purify
#9 O Thou, That Tellest Good Tidings
#12 For Unto Us a Child is Born
#17 Glory to God
#21 His Yoke is Easy
#44 Hallelujah

Is this concert appropriate for children? It depends upon how precocious the child is. Some children have an innate relationship with the music and do very well. We do not exclude children, and leave the final decision to the respective adults involved. As a rule, though, this is for a 13-years and up age group.

May I bring a musical instrument with me and play along with the orchestra?  Politely, no! The Saratoga Chamber Orchestra will provide the musical accompaniment.

 That rest at the end of the Hallelujah! Chorus always “gets me”. How can I remember NOT to sing through the rest?
You can either watch the conductor, OR use your fingers and count the last four Hallelujahs before the rest, then STOP, LISTEN, LOOKUP, and come back in with the director.


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